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Hands up for the handy percentage calculator app that simplifies your accounting tasks, work in progress and life in math science! Put your hands on your mobile device and find a percentage you need within only a few clicks. There’s no need to multiply, convert or decrease hours on end and waste valuable time in complicated calculations.

You simply select the function, enter the numbers and let the app do the magic.

From now you calculate percentages easily, quickly and precisely. Keep this page open to meet the most effortless and express way to solve your percentage problems.

Free Mobile Application

Percentage calculator is a comfy user-friendly mobile application that lets you calculate a percent in a flash of a second. Designed with an intuitive interface, everyone will find it easy to be applied in everyday and professional life.

Download and install The Percentage calculator app and save time, nerves and effort in needless calculations! It is available for iPhone in the Apple AppStore and Android smartphones in Google Play Store.

Features of The Percentage calculator

The Percentage calculator software is made to assist you in numerous mathematical problems with % within them. If you don’t know how to get five hundredths in percentage or have difficulty getting a percentage ratio, relax. You don’t need to do these sums anymore. 

Here’s a quick rundown of some of the key features you’ll find:

percentage calculator app
  • Percent of a value: Instantly find the percentage of any given value.
  • Change in the percentage: Easily calculate the percentage change between two numbers.
  • Percentage increase or decrease: Determine the rate at which a number has increased or decreased.
  • Interest rate calculation: A handy tool for your financial calculations.
  • Reverse percentages: Calculate the original amount after a percentage has been deducted or added.
  • Discount % calculation: Shopping becomes easier when you can quickly calculate the discount amount.
  • % in decimal form: Convert percentages into decimal values effortlessly.
  • Percentage of a part value: Find what percentage of the total a partial value is.
  • A fraction in percentage form: Convert fractions into percentages.
  • Percentage point between percentages: Calculate the difference between two percentages.
  • Compound interest: A valuable feature for those involved in investments.
  • Mortgage: Get assistance in calculating your mortgage percentages.
  • Tip or determine how much each person should pay for meals: Never struggle over meal costs again!

What is a percent? 

A percent, derived from the Latin term “per centum“, mathematically is a concept used to represent proportions or ratios as fractions of 100. Essentially, it translates to “for every hundred” or “out of hundred.” It serves as a powerful tool that simplifies the process of comparing and understanding various quantities in our daily lives. In its simplest form, a percent can be represented as a decimal fraction with a percent symbol “%” following the number.

Percentage formula

The percentage term refers to a number or ratio written as a fraction of one hundred. Traditionally, the following formula is used to calculate the percentage:

P = X Y × 100 %

In this formula:

  • P is the percentage,
  • X is the part,
  • Y is the total.

The fraction X/Y represents the ratio of the part to the total, and multiplying by 100% converts this ratio to a percentage.

Too much calculating, right? 

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